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პოსტი “ფეისბუქიდამ”


“You can read a book and have a temporary “aha moment.” But what counts are the actions we take afterwards. Too often the “aha moment” isn’t backed up with courageous action.

It’s noted, jotted down in a journal, and forgotten. And then the next book is picked up, read, aha’d and forgotten. And we can build up quite the vocabulary of spiritual terms, think we are making progress because we are having aha moments – but when we look at our lives – not much else has changed. Why? Because books and blogs don’t take action for us.

At the end of the day it is you and I who must act. Who must learn. Who must grow. Who must apply the spiritual knowledge.

Knowledge without action is almost worthless. ”
-Mastin Kipp – The daily love

“What do you already know that you aren’t using?”


პოსტი “ფეისბუქიდამ”


Working on it Wednesdays 🙂

I continue to work on my slowing down, listening and communication skills.
And also continuing to build my knowledge of marketing via fb twitter etc

I LOVE working on things to grow and improve myself. Its the most amazing and liberating feeling to take back control over ourselves.

So go ahead 🙂 find what you are working on and share or find whats not working for you in any area of life and think of what you can work on to improve it!!

პოსტი “ფეისბუქიდამ”


Super Soul Sunday!

How are you building your spirit today? I used to complain about the lack of nature or quiet space in my environment and life but discovered that I was stopping myself from enjoying what I already had.

There is a bit of green area around my house just off my deck. Now, Sunday mornings are my days where after I get up and wash my face etc, I take a barefooted walk on the grass. 5-15 minutes …along the way ive even discovered the sheer joy of walking on live moss. Its a carpet made from the threads of heaven 🙂

I’ve also created a very serene and calm atmosphere in a spare room so that when I go there its all about slowing down.

I realized I don’t have to live off a forest or the ocean or even a lake… There is a very real possibility of living the life of your dreams NOW.

პოსტი “ფეისბუქიდამ”


Slow it down Saturday !!!! We move at the page of a wrecking ball through most of our lives in north America; we live for “vacations” dread mondays, sigh and say TGIF, fight traffic, battle with our home life and errands and things that need to be done and never pause….pause to just be.

Today, acknowledge that you deserve some time to yourself. Whether its two minutes to stare out your backyard, staying in bed longer, chewing your bites fully instead of inhaling your food, recognizing activities or tasks you can drop that are unnecessary, taking a nap doing nothing or…simply being.

Some of our greatest answers and clarity come in moments of silence. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just be?

As you slow down more and more, you will notice less stress, more calm and notice that…things happen faster when you slow down.

Love y’all 🙂