At a Shell’s gas station in Jacksonville, FL is a President Barack Obama doll hanging by a noose.


WHAT THE HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL is THIS?! stupid bigots. If this was Maryland, that gas station would have been burnt down already. NO SHELL GAS FOR ME EVER.


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  1. WTH?! It’s 2012! This is unfortunate proof that racism will never die; and further proof that most Obama non-supporters see one thing – COLOR! They see a black man. I see an educated, strong, passionate, intelligent leader who’s moving this country in the right direction! PERIOD!

  2. It should be burned down with their asses in it. Come to philly asshole. You don,t like this country get the HELL out of it. Don,t close ur eyes or turn ur back, no telling what might happen to u

  3. really? I am surprised that its a CNN ireport…. my purpose was to showcase overt racism and morseo that its happening at a Shell station …

  4. Yea the secret service is going to be all over that…. &&& no more shell gas for me!!!! I support obama he is going to win again … That will be a kiss my ass to racist ass punks!!!

  5. This just goes to show how heartless and stupid people can be. Hate to say it, but some white
    people will never see us (Black African Americans) as humans.

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