Kitchen Sink Smoothie

Kitchen Sink Smoothie

So …. this is what I eat for breakfast every day. Le breakfast anyone? Apple, Pear, Strawberries, Blueberries, Cabbage, Spinach, Celery, Flax Seeds, Cacao with hemp, Goji Berries, Sprouts, Beets, Turnips.

Most people think its disgusting, its not I assure you.  It tastes like pears and blueberries because the fruit taste takes over the veggies….so last year I started with baby steps, or as Oprah calls it, “leaning in”. I switched to whole grains, brown rice, slowly stopped eating too much dairy, or white rice/bread, then those became rarer consumption events. I had been researching and wanting to buy a Vitamix for 2 years, finally my girlfriend and I spotted a deal we couldn’t miss on it at the Cooking Show here in DC, and were able to buy one each at $400 with an extra dry food container (YAY!) so then I started having a small smoothie only with fruit for breakfast and gradually added raw veggies and other nutritional food into it like Cacao and sprouts. Now i only eat rice or bread at a friend’s house or out for dinner occasionally – raw food salad for lunch, usually something heavier for dinner.

TADA 😀 I also included a picture of my almond milk/chia seed/banana smoothie, this one is super light for those days you need something cold and cooling YUM. though i dunno where the pink color is coming from in the picture, its white in real life!


This is my “raw” salad. Green Turnips, which you can see are a GORGEOUS hot pink color on the inside especially when you cut them fresh. Beets, lettuce (the norm is baby spinach), canellini beans and broccoli. The dressing is a carrot chili vinaigrette. The whole idea being somewhat copied from Sweet Green’s Spicy Sabzi concoction. Let me tell you, the vinaigrette makes this salad, and mine is not even close to it. BUT whatever. girl’s gotta eat aiight. The way I make it is 3 tsp organic local olive oil, 1 tsp apple cider vinegar, 1 thawed ice cube carrot , 1/2 tsp siracha and salt/pepper. I then blend in my handy dandy thingamajiggy mini blender. Sweetgreen’s sauce is better emulsified and sweeter.


The assembly line!



I don’t know if I can sustain this forever or what, what I do know is we are going to pay the price for how we eat… whether its today or tomorrow. More posts to come on people who have changed their life by changing their diet over to primarily raw food, phytonutrients etc 🙂

And yes that is totally a glass bowl  – I am trying to limit my plastic use at home. Baby steps baby!


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